And now, I present: LOWAS in a Jar!

Over the course of about three days, I sculpted John’s land in an old baby food jar using Sculpey and various tools. It was really fun and I hope to do another land at some point. 

Based on the idea from Sweet Arts and Hella Crafts. If you’re interested, there’s some stuff about the process below the cut:

This was my desk. Wow it was a mess. All those little clumps of clay were “custom colors” — I didn’t do any painting, I only mixed existing Sculpey colors.

These are all the crazy little tools I used:

The chopstick, metal thing, q-tip, and playing card were basically for pushing things down and flattening stuff. The blade was good for cutting things (like the flat stones). The pointy thing actually came from one of those craft kits where it’s a black paper and you scratch it and there’s rainbow underneath. That could also cut things and smooth out small areas. I used the tweezers to lower things into the jar. Finally, the clay tool things were easily the greatest things omg. They have metal rods at each end with differently sized spheres. I could pick up tiny dots of clay, make dents, move things around, push things into place — basically perfect tool. Don’t even know where I got them but they’re gr8.

I have a lot of Sculpey. This is my bag of all the little blocks in all different colors:

I would build parts of the model outside of the jar, then lower it in very carefully.

Oh, and I made the dumb mistake of trying to bake the tree part so I could lower it in easier. I baked it for like two minutes at a ridiculously low setting and the ends still smoked and turned brownish-green. I was so pissed, but there was basically no way to fix it and I was not about to remake the part that took the longest so I just moved on.

Oh, and this is the jar before I put stuff in it:

And finally, the lid before I added the clouds:

Even if it was a lot of work, this was hella fun and I love how it came out.

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